Orca USES strategic thinking, stunning
creative development, and the wizardry
of modern technology to deliver
Killer CreativeTM

Grounded by nature.
Inspired by possibility.
We do creative a little differently. Once we’ve crafted a solid strategy, it serves as a springboard for our imaginations to take flight. But the process never whirls or spins in fact, it’s far from spontaneous. We think deeply and draw inspiration from the owl, the eagle, the salmon, the raven, the wolf, and of course, the Orca. We use wisdom, intention, and intuition as our greatest tools. Because the greatest ideas aren’t plucked from the sky—they’re drawn from within.
Killer Creative hinges on sound strategic thinking, stunning creative development and the wizardry of modern technological know-how. As a creative agency, Orca understands this process well. We start by listening closely to your business goals and thinking through your marketing needs. Next, we build a comprehensive marketing plan that aligns those needs with the ultimate business goal: driving sales and growth. Ultimately, we unleash a diverse array of killer creative using processes like: conceptual ideation, copywriting, art direction, branding, graphic design, content creation, coding/programming and more. At Orca, we deliver solutions that captures your brand’s essence while also standing out in today’s crowded marketplace.
Our Killer Creative Process

We listen.We think.We build.

Our Killer Creative Process

We listen and collaborate closely to understand our clients’ needs. This allows us to develop creative that truly resonates and delivers results. We think nurturing even the smallest ideas into extraordinary ones is a superpower. Through careful cultivation and creative thinking we’re able to turn concepts into impressive, innovative marketing solutions. We build with a dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail that is second to none. By ensuring every aspect of our creative is executed flawlessly, we’re able to elevate great ideas and push them to a higher level.
The development of Killer Creative relies heavily on these processes aiding in idea generation and refinement, creative management, compelling writing, creative oversight, and the crafting of a distinct visual language for any product, service, or brand.
// Conceptual Ideation
The process of coming up with new and innovative ideas that can be used to solve problems or create new products or services.
// Creative Direction
The process of managing and directing the creative aspects of a project, such as developing the overall vision and style, and overseeing designers, writers and other creatives.
// Copywriting
The process of creating written content, such as marketing copy, website and script copy, that is designed to persuade or inform the audience.
// Art Direction
The process of managing the visual and creative aspects of a project, such as developing the visual style and directing the work of designers and other visual artists.
// Branding
The process of creating a unique and recognizable identity for a product, service, or company, typically through the use of a logo, color scheme, and other visual and written elements.
// Graphic Design
The use of visual elements, such as images, graphics, and typography, to convey information or messages to an audience.
// Content Creation
Producing content, designed to inform, entertain, or engage an audience. This may include elements of writing, design, photography, and other creative disciplines.
// Illustration
The process of creating visual images, typically using drawing or painting techniques, to convey ideas or tell a story.
// Coding
The process of writing computer code to create software, websites, or other digital products or services.
// Storyboarding
The process of creating a visual representation of a story or concept, typically using illustrations or sketches to plan out the visual elements of a project.
// Photography
The process of capturing and manipulating images using cameras and other photographic equipment.
// Production Art
The process of completing and optimizing technical aspects of design, preparing digital files for output methods ensures consistency across all deliverables.

Our Killer Services

We understand each business is unique with different needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help your brand succeed in today’s digital age. From designing and developing top notch websites to creating engaging content, managing social media channels, and leveraging pay-per-click advertising, we have the expertise to help you reach your target audience effectively. We also specialize in executive presentations, branding and strategy, packaging design, environmental design, and cutting-edge technologies like augmented and virtual reality.
+ Display Ads
+ Video Ads
+ Pay-Per-Click
+ Social Media
+ Email Marketing
+ E-Commerce
+ Content
+ Website
+ Copywriting
& Script Development
+ Marketing Consulting
+ Executive Presentations
+ Branding & Strategy
+ Brand Guidelines
+ Packaging Design
+ Signage & Wayfinding
+ Environmental
+ Event Branding
& Marketing
+ Television Production
& Script Development
+ Video Production
& Script Development
+ Motion Graphics
+ Data Visualization
+ Experiential Marketing
+ Radio Production
+ Print Advertising
+ Direct Mail
+ Outdoor & Transit
+ Market Research
+ Augmented Reality (AR)
+ Virtual Reality (VR)

Our Killer Collaborators

Orca is consistently responsive and delivers exceptional results. No matter what our needs are, their unwavering response is always, “Yes! We can help!” Whether it’s a big or small project, they bring their signature Killer Creativity and commitment to every task. Their ability to stay on schedule and meet all deadlines has been unparalleled, and their passion for what they do is evident in all aspects of their work. Working with the team over at Orca is both highly productive and thoroughly enjoyable, making it a true pleasure to collaborate with them.